Friday, February 20, 2009

Something new everyday

So I thought that i would have a few more days with hair, but it is rapidly falling out. My head is tender and I cant stop touching it, and when I do I get a nice big chunk of hair. It is making such a mess that i think its time to pull out the clippers. I just cant get myself to do it.
I took a shower today and what a weird experience. I poured a nice big blob of shampoo in my hand and went to wash my hair-but it was gone. I washed it and then looked at my hands covered in hair. I was fully prepared to look in the mirror and see no hair-but its still there-with maybe a few spots here and there. So crazy. Its going to take a while to get used to this-I still feel like my hair is in a pony tail or something. But the good news is...I got a wig yesterday!! Its not really what I had pictured, but im grateful for it because it was free. It was from the American Cancer Society. Its darker than what I have now-but at least its long and its already styled in a cute way. Its a synthetic wig-but it looks cute and real, which was important to me. As far as the comfort factor-it scores a big fat 0!! I need to find a nice little hat to wear underneath it. I will get a picture of it on here as soon as I can find my camera charger-it has mysteriously disappeared.
Today was an "in bed all day"day. Last night I felt really worn, so I went to bed early. I could not for the life of me wake up this morning. I got my kids ready and sent them off to school and then went back to bed until 10:30. I stayed in bed all day. I felt like I had a weight tied to all my muscles-so strange. Its crazy that this chemo has such an effect this late and its weird that it comes and goes the way it does. But I hope its a good sign that its still in there and its still working. I cant believe that i only have 5 more day until my next treatment. Im not ready. But im so excited for my "shower" on Tuesday night. It will be a nice distraction.

I almost heart scan came back a couple days ago and it was all good!! Its good to know that my heart is healthy and nothing is standing in the way of the medicine doing what it needs to do. Still waiting on the genetic test. Im starting to think it was misplaced or something-I think its taking way too long.
Anyway, im starting to fall asleep so im off to bed. Have a good weekend!!!


twin2trip said...

I'm excited for your little party too.

I'll be thinking of you again for the billionth time when I go to the Breast Cancer thrift store tomorrow.

Can't wait to see the wig either. I think everybody should wear a wig to the party.

The Dunford Family said...

Im so excited for your shower also! I can't wait to see you and hang out! So much fun! P.S. you look awesome no matter WHAT!

RPH said...

Shelly, you sound like you are doing pretty good (all things considering) I think about you all the time and remember you in my prayers.
What a great idea to have a shower! Have a fun time!

The Jones Six said...

Shelly, I just have two words for you "Paradise Beach". I know you loved it.

Abby Runyan said...

Can't wait for your shower too. It will be lots of fun!

Birchall Family said...

Can't wait to see the wig, I am sure you look so cute with it on. I am glad that your heart scan looked good! I hope you get some more rest this weekend. I am totally impressed with you and your updates. I am even more impressed that you are getting up and getting your kids ready for school! You are so amazing Shelly!!

Syd said...

Shelly, You have been truly amazing through this whole thing!! I am sorry that this has happened. I (and my family) will be at the shower! Us 45th warders need to buckle down and fight this thing!! Does Bill need a "Bachelor Party"? Davy can whip something up. HA.HA. See you tommorow!! Sydney Cummard