Friday, January 30, 2009

Decisions, decisions

I just got back from the doctor with more questions and more decisions to be made. The results of my chest x-ray came back clear-which is great news. My MRI showed more tumors in the breast which completly rules out saving the breast. No chance at all. I figured as much and actually I prefer it so I dont have to always wonder if it will come back. I still havent recieved the results for the genetic testing, so that may change it from a single to double masectomy. I also get a full body bone scan on Thursday to see if it has spread to my bones. Im hopeful that it hasnt and that it is contained to the lymph nodes only. So now our options are this...we can take all our records and go home and find our own doctors and do it all there (which is my first choice), or we can do the surgery here, with the doctors that we have already seen, and then go home for Chemo and radiation. If I stay here for the surgery, then we are looking at the middle of march for going home. I guess either way, we are pulling the kids out of school at a bad time, so that isnt really a consideration anymore. I really just dont even want to make any of these decisions. Just make it go away!!!So...lots of things to think about. but im leaning more towards home, and soon. If anyone knows of any doctors that we might be able to go to, please, please let me know. We are really just starting from square one down in AZ, so any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

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