Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Well, better late than never right?? Although this happened quite a bit ago, I still wanted to post these pictures because they mean a lot to me. Shaving my head wasnt as traumatic as I thought it would be, it was actually kind of cool. I think im diggin this hair style because of how easy it is. I was never one to love getting ready and doing my hair, I actually dreaded it, so its really not so bad. I look ugly as sin, but what are you gonna do.

My sweet boys decided to shave their heads along with me. I was out at the store and by the time I got home, Bill had taken matters into his own hands and started shaving without me. Noah and Tyson were already done and he was starting on Caleb.

I think Caleb hates hair cuts more than anyone I know. I was so proud of him for doing this for me!!

Noah and Tyson looking good with their new hairdo's
I was in denial for a while after I cut my hair short. I just wasnt ready to have it all gone. It kept falling out in clumps and it was all over the place, but I just kept putting off the shaving. I think it was the Sunday before this, I was getting ready for church and noticed a HUGE bald spot smack dab in the middle of my head. I thought I had covered it pretty good, but when I got to church, my Mom immeadiatly noticed it. I figured it was time.
The last picture of me with hair...well some of it anyway.

The first swipe. Bill was my hairstylist for the day. I wouldnt recommed him :)

YIKES!!!! Im not so sure about this!

We realized that this was the first time in about 18 years that I didnt have any color on my hair. I never realized how dark my natural really was.
The kids were all standing in front of me and were dying laughing. Avery had just woken up from her nap and came outside to this nice sight-she wasnt so sure.

And the deed is done!! I deccided to wait just a few more days to bic it. I actually didnt mind the shaved looked

The whole shaved head family, plus Avery who was a little nervous at her moms new hair cut

Im so loved by my sweet boys. I was so happy that they all decided to do this for me. I know that Tyson didnt want to because his hair had finally grown out just enough to have a mohawk, but he did it anyway. I have such sweet little boys. I love them so much!!


Matt Flake said...

What cute pictures. I love the last one. You wear the shaved head well. I think about you every day. Love you

Matt Flake said...

Sorry its me brooke, but my husband must be signed in.

Mike and Deb said...

Those are the best. You do have such a sweet little family shelly. You can tell how much your kids love you so much - I envy that. You are a great mom to them too.

Anonymous said...

Shelly! You are the cuttest bald Mom in the WORLD!!!!!! I loved all the pictures. What sweet little boys you have! Tell Caleb that we all think he looks DARLING! I love reading your blog, you inspire all of us! Love you tons, Amers

RPH said...

I am so glad you shared these pictures! They are great! I especially love the last one.

twin2trip said...

Shelly these are the cutest pictures in the world.
I'm glad you got around to posting them. You really do look great!! Hey maybe you will end up liking it so much that you'll end up keeping it like this forever. When You said that your natural hair color is darker than you thought it made me flash back to a dream I had last night. Something to do with you plantinum colored hair. Wow that was a long time ago.

You really are so inspiring!

Bonnie Hynes said...

those last two pictures are about the sweetest things I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing. You don't look ugly as sin suits you nicely!

Chad said...

You have such a pretty face so it really does look good! Thanks for posting. You have a very sweet family.

Chad said...

Sorry that one above is NOT from Chad it's from me Cassie, Chad must be signed in right sorry. Cassie says you have a very pretty face!!!!!!

Kristin & Laurie said...

I love this post! and all the pictures are so awesome! I seriously think you look great no matter what! That is so sweet that the boys shaved their heads too. Sooo Cute! We really need to get together when your up for it!

Jod Jas Curtis said...

You look amazing- & what sweet boys! Love the kissy picture, you are an inspiration to all.

Park City Barton's said...

you are all just beautiful!
Tyson you are the man!!
Lander and Mikki