Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Just a quick post today. Things seem to be so much busier around this time of year, even though we are still doing the same ol, same ol.
I got word yesterday that my MUGA scan came back clean and my heart is still pumpin away. Thats good to know-all this means is that I can continue to do the Herceptin until my next scan in 4 months.
I just got home from the plastic man and he filled me up nice and good. I usually do 60cc's, but today he did 100 and I feel stretched to the max. It feels like I have an ace bandage wrapped nice and tight around my chest that keeps me from breathing and just for good measure, strapped in a couple elephants. Its great. But, im looking more like I have boobs and less like a boy, although I am a bit lopsided still because the radiated breast isnt wanting to cooperate by stretching. The volume is the same, its just a bit deflated on the top. Are you getting sick of hearing about my boobs yet? I know I am. Im very anxious to just speed things up and get this over with. Wishful thinking, right?
Well, thats all on the cancer front. Things are good and what a blessing it is!!


Christa Johnson said...

Shelly, I am glad that things are coming along. And I Totally understand the feeling of the elephants sitting on your chest. I echo that sentiment. You are brave to get 100cc put in!!! Maybe that will make the whole process go faster! Faster is good! Glad to hear your Muga scan came back good, I just had my first one a couple of days ago. Fun stuff!!!
Hope everything is going well for you and I am glad you are keeping up with the posts so we can all see how it is coming along for you.

Lisa said...

Wow, I can't imagine. You sound more positive today in your post. I hope it is on the down side slope. This is a great time of year to hopefully help keep your mind busy on other things. Hope the kids are well. Do you guys need anything?? LMK

Christa Johnson said...

shelly, how are you? I just came out of my "chemo coma" as I call it since I was pure sick for four days straight. But you know how that goes... don't ya???!!! I have been wondering if you could tell me more about the "patch" that you used in your last session. I would be very interested in using the same patch if it has good improvements over this last session.
Good luck with the stretching, we are in this together....

Birchall Family said...

Hey Shelly! Glad things are going so good for you! I missed the post on your family blog when you went private. Will you add me on?? I love seeing you and your cute family. Summerbirchall@hotmail.com