Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Not a whole lot going on right now-which is a good thing, right?
These expanders are pure hell (sorry), but they really are. Ive had to really focus on this positive thinking thing and the "end" product. My plastic surgeon said that this process should be pretty pain-less. So either he is full of crap or im just a wuss. I usually have a high pain tolerance, but this is crazy. I have a check up tomorrow, so hopefully he can shed some light on why the pain is so bad.
The other day after I had taken a shower, I noticed that my right side had grown and its actually quite full and round, but still hard as a rock. My left side...not so much. Im a little concerned that the left side (the side that was radiated) is going to have a difficult time stretching. The outer part looks good, but the middle looks deflated and shriveled. (sorry if thats a bit graphic). But today I am wearing a shirt that actually makes it look like I have something to fill it out. Its nice to have that again, even if it is only a size A and im noticably lopsided. I will take it. pain and all!!
So thats the scoop on the girls and all is well with everything else. Im still doing Herceptin and I will be getting a MUGA scan in the next couple weeks. Thats the scan that checks my heart and makes sure its still healthy. There is a small percentage that this Herceptin could damage my heart, so every few months I have to have my heart checked to make sure all is well. Im sure it will be.
Have a good week!!!


Christa Johnson said...

wow! shelly, I totally understand your pain. My pain is unbearable as well right now and I am just holding onto the future and not trying to think of the present. My double mastectomy/reconstrucion was November 17th and they found 8 lyhnodes with cancer and a nerve that wound through them that they had to take out as well.

So, they have decided that my stage is 3A... not so unlike yourself except the whole estrogen positive thing.
I have never been in so much pain in my life and I am trying to put on a happy face because someda this to shall pass!!! (It just dosn't seem that way right now!!)
Just know that I love you and feel your pain and someday people are going to be so jealous of our huge boomies!!!!

Lisa said...

Hang in there! It's amazing how different parts of the body react to pain diferently. My mouth is very sensitive for me. I hope your appointment went well and the doctor can give you some hope. Take care, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

Anonymous said...


I am so glad that you were able to talk to Christa. I am also glad that your MUGA scan was good. You are such a rock star. I still check your blog all the time and am so glad you are doing well.

Heather (Johnsons) Wilson