Monday, May 4, 2009

Home Stretch

Im on the home stretch and it feels so good!! I cant believe that I only have one more treatment left. It seems like it has been sooo long that I have been dealing with this, but its only been 3 months. This time around was the best yet. Im not saying it was good, but it was mild compared to all the other ones. I didnt throw up this time-not even once. I gagged a little bit-but that was it. Its Monday and im only slightly nasous and im only a little bit tired. Its great!! This time was hard in other ways. Laying in bed is the hardest part. I hate laying there waiting for the days to roll on by. I knew that once Sunday came, that I would be on the tail end of it and I just wanted it to be Sunday. My days consisted of waiting...and feeling like crap, just waiting for it to be over. My body ached all over-jolting bone pain, then it would go away. Then it would come back, then it would go away. Its all such a horrible cycle and I just hope that this chemo is killing this because I am NOT doing this again!!

Last week I had another PET scan. For free!! This lady in my ward works at a hospital that is opening a PET/CT scan department and they needed volunteers that had cancer that would show up on the machine so they could test it. I asked the radiologist if he would be willing to do a compare and contrast to my previous scan to see if things were shrinking. He said yes, but it might take a while. So I am waiting anxiously for those results, but it may be a few days. At my appointment this week, the doctor said he could hardly feel the lumps. Hooray!!
So now its time to play catch up with the cleaning and the lauundry and all that jazz.

My favorite part!!


Anonymous said...


You are such a beautiful, strong person!! I am so happy for you that treatment is almost over. You have handled this like a real trooper!! You are a strong woman! I continue to pray for you! You'll overcome this!!

Can you share a little bit about what the lump felt like? I know breast cancer can hit any of us. I never used to check my breasts prior to reading your blog and I have started to. But I am not really sure what to feel for. Did it feel like a hard rock or more like a lump...kind of like a clogged milk duck? Any help you can provide would be great.

Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. You are an amazing woman!!

Joan said...

Glad to hear things went better this time around. Only one more to go! Cool about the free PET scan, I hope things look good.

twin2trip said...

Yes you really are going to make it.

Can we have another party when you get done with all of this? I'm not kidding. Let's go out and celebrate.

The Dunford Family said...

Yay Shelly! You're SO Awesome! I'm so happy that you're almost through... You've been such a trooper! I know it'll show GOOD results!!!

shell said...

Shelly.........I LOVE YOU.
I pray for you and hope for you and at the same time, I am happy for you. You deserve the very best.

Park City Barton's said...

I pray for you every day. Mikki

Amy Young Holden said...

Shelly, I just want you to know that I check your blog every couple of days to see how you are doing! I think about you all the time and I am so proud of you! You are an inspriation to every woman out there! Just know that you are in our thoughts and prayers every single day! I have all of my family and friends keeping you in their prayers and viewing your blog! I wondered if you have a favorite on American Idol! I am loving Kris Allen!!! Go Kris, I wish we could catch the concert again!! Wonderful memories!! I love ya Shell! Hang in there babe, You're almost done kickin the crap out of this cancer! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! Amers