Monday, May 11, 2009


Wow, I am a boring blogger.
Nothing new really going on right now and i guess thats not such a bad thing. This round of nausea stuck around for a while-Saturday was my first nausea free day- so I feel like it hasnt been that long since I was sick. I cant believe that on Wednesday I only have a week until the next one, but at least its the last one!! I have developed some pretty crazy pycho-sematic (I have NO IDEA how to spell that) symtoms. I cant drink my beloved diet pepsi anymore. I drank it right before I got sick and now I cant even stomach the stuff. Maybe that was a gift from above because He knew how hard it was going to be to give it up after chemo is done. I guess its a good thing, but its a sad, sad time. Im still greiving. I also cant step foot in my room. I cant sleep in my bed and I hate the sight and the smell of that room. I have been sleeping in Averys room for the past week. Bill is loving having the bed all to himself. Its such a strange thing-its the smell of the room. I get a weird smell thing about 4 days after chemo. Bills smells, Avery smells and my room reaks to high heaven. I smell it for about a week and a half and then it goes away, but this time its been too much. I just associate it all with being sick and I want nothing to do with it. Strange thing this cancer.

Anyway, nothing else too exciting going on. Just trying to fit it all in day after day and enjoying the sick free days. I feel good right now. Today I actually had enough energy to organize and clean out the bins in the playroom. Its been along time since ive had that kind of energy.

Its nice to feel normal-even for a day.


Cassie and Chad said...

Congratulations on some normalcy! I bet you welcome that after such a crazy roller coaster. The smelling thing is crazy I bet it drives you nuts. Hope things continue to go well for you, thanks for the update!

Abby Runyan said...

I'm so happy that you only have 1 chemo left. Hang in there. Just wanted to let you know I think about you all the time & how amazing you are.

Kim Allgood said...

If normal is feeling like organizing bins, I have never felt normal before! You are leaps and bounds beyond me!!! So glad chemo is almost done, you are super woman.