Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is it true?!

I just got home from the surgeon and received my LAST, yes thats right, LAST injection. This is the last time I have to stretch my skin to its limit, to be in so much pain that it puts me on my knees, bawling, to spend so much time sitting in my stupid recliner heating my back. I am officially done with the expanding process of my reconstruction!!! I cant even tell you how excited I am-cant you tell!!
As soon as they get all the insurance paper work done, and get all the final approvals, then they will call me and get get me scheduled. Im like, can we get this done tomorrow?!
I need to wait at least a week to let this last round do its stretching, so im thinking in the next couple of weeks. I just want it done before spring break so im able to be up and around while my kids are out of school.
I will be doing the silicone gel implants. Its a pretty quick surgery, about 1 1/2 hours if all goes good. Its in an out and the best thing is there are NO DRAINS REQUIRED!!! If anyone has had any sort of drain, then they can tell you what a huge relief that is. Those darn buggers are the most bothersome of the surgery. Im hoping that I will be down a few days and then sore for a few more then back to normal. Just thinking about having normal boobs again makes me so happy. Not to say that fake boobs are normal, but they arent hard rocks that smash every person I come in contact with. My kids and especially my husband will be soooo happy to have something somewhat soft again.



Mike and Deb said...

Great news to finally be at the end of the whole thing! You have been so strong!

Anonymous said...

YAY SHELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather (Johnson) Wilson

Lisa said...

Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Spring break!!

Christa Johnson said...

oh man shelly!! That is soooo stinkin' awesome!!!! I totally understand why you are sooo excited. My rock boobs are no fun too. Babies will try and nestle into them and then scream out in pain, my kids try to hug me and get a headache instead. you know the routine!!
Hipppppppp Hooorrayyy!
Love ya Shelly,

Heidi M. said...

Yipee! I hope your boobs feel as soft and comfy as you've been dreaming of (and your hubby, too!)
You have hidden your sadness better than you think. DOn't worry what anyone expects of you and just go with what YOU expect of yourself. We all love you for who you are!